Xcyte™ and Xcyte Plus™ Xeno-Free Supplement


Introducing Xcyte™ and Xcyte Plus™ Xeno-Free Media Supplements.

Currently there is a need to drive cell-based therapeutics from bench to bedside under the safest and most consistent methods.  iBiologics XcyteTM and XcyteTM Plus Xeno-free media supplements are the solution for your research needs.


XcyteTM and XcyteTM Plus Xeno-free media supplements are human platelet based products that allow for optimal cell growth and maintenance, without the need to worry about animal based supplements and lot-to-lot variability.  XcyteTM Plus Xeno-free media supplement has been tested and certified to ensure optimal stem cell growth and maintenance.

All our raw materials are thoroughly tested and qualified to be free of any infectious agents, material is pooled and manufactured in large batches to ensure optimal lot performance and little lot-to-lot variability.

Advantages of XcyteTM Plus Xeno-Free Media Supplements
  • Natural source of growth factors that guarantee optimal cell growth for numerous cell types.
  • Little lot-to-lot variability.
  • Superior growth kinetics and morphology.
  • Enhanced genetic stability.
  • Large-scale manufacturing.
  • 500-1000L lots available.